In collaboration with NUS Business School, SGFIN is launching a Master of Science programme in Sustainable and Green Finance (MSc SGF). The inaugural cohort for the programme will commence in Aug 2022. The programme takes an organic approach to ensure the delivery of a strong curriculum. It supplements foundation and core modules in finance with elective modules on measuring environmental impacts of various industries and how the measures can be utilised for policy making and strategic business and corporate decisions, as well as confluence of technological developments and environmental / sustainable issues. It augments with experiential learning opportunities through potential participation in SGFIN’s in-house research and industry projects.

Green to gold: Introducing the MSc in Sustainable and Green Finance at NUS Business School, 7 March 2022

NUS Business School recently launched a brand new Master of Science Programme in sustainable and Green finance. Associate Professor Weina Zhang, Academic Director of the MSc in Sustainable and Green Finance shared more details about the program and the state of sustainability in Asia.

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Sustainable Singapore: Growing the next generation of sustainability professionals, MoneyFM, March 2, 2022

Associate Professor Zhang Weina shared about the new MSc programme launched by NUS Business School and SGFIN recently. She also shed lights on the future green economy and skills required and who can apply to the new programme.

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Training Experts in Sustainable and Green Finance, 15 February 2022

As global thinking shifts towards sustainable investing, there are significant opportunities for Singapore to reap the rewards of a greener economy. But there are still gaps in the picture. A key step in changing the green economy landscape is to nurture talents who can shape the future for better environmental and social outcomes, both in Singapore and beyond. Associate Professor Zhang Weina and the Director of MSc Programme Aaron would share more in the coming information sessions about the new master programme.


Next information session will be held on April 18, 2022. Please register at the following links:

“Ask me anything”

Ask me anything

Associate Professor Zhang Weina, Academic Director of MSc in SGF shared the answers to common questions raised with respect to the new master programme. Specifically, she covered the rationale, curriculum design and experiential learning in the Programme itself.